Adjustable Height Workbench

Adjustable Height Workbench

There is nothing more important than a practical, modern and easily accommodating workspace in this time and age. With more businesses growing and expanding, you want applications and utilities that adjust with you. And that's exactly what we can do for you

At e-Systems Group, we look to create products that will work for you in many types of circumstances; that is why we have an entire ramification of technical assembly desks and tables. What are these? They are called the NCS Bench System, and they are manufactured to mimic the change and growth of your business.

For a company that is in the midst of change, one-purpose workbenches can be inconvenient and expensive. Yet, you may still want to show and feel formal and structured, but sometimes that kind of furniture becomes a bother since it can't make its use flexible. Thus, that is why we present a line of quality products that can be re-configured all the times you need them to. They will meet your needs time and time again.

You might ask yourself how this technology works and how much it loses quality for its adaptability. The truth? The NCS Bench System includes a versatile steel-welded structure, firm work surface, shelves and all types of storage tools that can be rearranged for whatever works best for you! You don't need to sacrifice anything. It's the most adjustable workbench in the market.

What are those storage tools previously shared? We'll tell you more about it. You can customize your NCS bench system with as many specifications as you need. Because the base is variable, you can personalize your designs to your preference. You can add more storage and have different kinds of systems; you can include shelving, the cable control you seem more fit, height and table surface space.

Even though it is customizable, it does not lessen its quality or its sturdiness. The NCS Bench System has a resistant weight capacity. This capacity goes to 2650 lbs, and if it's one of our 36″ deep work surfaces, they can manage up until 400lbs. This is rare for the industry and a definite advantage to taking into consideration.

What are the extra details of these work spaces? The NCS has laminate and ESD tables available, a mounted power bar for easy access, integrated cable management, trash opening, rollout shelf for easy access and multiple roll out shelves for storage. Also, shelves are adjustable from 0 to 10 degrees and available with or without dividers, which easily hold 400 lbs – 850 lbs. They include removable side panels that become easily redistributed to the ends of your configuration as you expand multiple unit systems, height-adjustable work surfaces are available and finally, a back-to-back option to maximize limited space.

We can help you find the best adjustable height workbench and customized workbench tables for you. All you need to di is call us or contact us online to get a custom solution specifically made for your needs:

Adjustable Height Workbench

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